Company History

Construction of the first speaker began in 1971, in Athens, Ohio. Founder, Grant Pedigo, built four bass bins for the local Cunningham Music Store. These dual 15” JBL-loaded bass bins were part of a rental program to support Ohio University needs. With an industrial design background and a love for music, Pedigo began to build speakers on an as-needed basis while continuing an education in sound reinforcement design and principals. In the summer of 2006, Pedigo began serious work as a speaker designer, incorporating proven principals in his prototype construction of speaker cabinets. He formed a business relationship with Eminence Speaker Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of raw speaker components. Prophecy cabinet designs were field tested by two sound production companies, LightHOUSE PRO SOUND and JSL Productions, and were modified where needed, to come up with the current lineup of Prophecy Speakers. Production began when Pedigo hired skilled craftsmen to begin an inventory of product.

Grant Pedigo

The first complete install was in 2008 at Eagle Rock Ministries in Pickerington, Ohio. An active, three-way system consisting of four 210TiH top boxes and two 212 HOSS subwoofers was installed to fill FOH needs in the 500 seat sanctuary. The top boxes were flown and the subs were installed under the stage. These Prophecy speakers replaced a smaller JBL SRX system. LightHOUSE PRO SOUND, LLC did the install. On stage, Eagle Rock Ministries uses M1065T 3-way monitors, a prototype for the M1265T monitor. The music director reported that musicians and singers are very pleased with the quality and clarity of the sound. He further stated that they always receive comments on the quality of the FOH sound and it is often compared to the bigger EAW systems. From that original installation, Prophecy Speakers are showing up in a number of House of Worship locations and in gear used by professional sound reinforcement companies and touring bands.

All Prophecy speaker cabinets are custom, and hand-made in the USA. A number of options are available including finishes. Prophecy speakers are application specific. Other manufacturers build general purpose speakers that don’t optimize performance for specific applications. For proven, application specific performance, check out the Prophecy Speaker lineup.

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